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Civil War Rounds & Ammunition


Are you a collector of Civil War antiques or an actor in the reenactment of a major Civil War battle? Cartridges Unlimited in St. Louis, Missouri, sells blank, dummy, and live rounds for your Civil War ammunition needs.

Our authentic Civil War paper cartridges enhance your personal collection and make your reenactment more compelling to audiences!

Ammunition Blanks
These cartridges are hand-rolled, choked off, and tied like cartridges were during the Civil War. Some of the firearms our blanks fit include:

• .58 Caliber Springfield Rifle
• .69 Caliber Springfield Musket

• .577 Caliber American Enfield Rifle
• .44  & .36 Caliber Pistols
• .52/.54 Caliber Sharps Carbine Rifles
• .577 Caliber British Enfield Rifles

Live Rounds
Our live Civil War rounds are also choked off and tied, but they have live bullets and gunpowder inside the paper cartridge. Examples of live rounds we offer include:


• .58 Caliber with .575 Caliber Mini Ball
• .577 Caliber Enfield with a Pritchett

• Buck & Ball .662 Caliber Round Ball
• .69 Caliber Round Ball
• .52/.54 Caliber Sharps Carbine Rifles
Live Rounds Available for Various Firearms
• .69 Caliber Enfield Rifle
• 1843 Springfield Rifle
• .58 Caliber Springfield Rifle
• Sharps Carbine Rifle
• Remington® & Colt® Pistols
• Union or Confederate Paper Tubes

Dummy Rounds
These rounds have the same qualities as our live rounds, but there is no gunpowder in any of them. The gunpowder is replaced by railroad ballast, which is a powder with the same texture as gunpowder. You can safely display these rounds or use them in a demonstration.

Souvenir Cartridges
These cartridges are sold in a jewelry box with the description and history about the mini ball and the cartridge itself. They're the perfect addition to your collection of Civil War antiques.

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